West Midlands Safari Park Review

Do you know when a day out is just so good, you firstly struggle to pick your favourite moment and secondly, you are still talking about it a week later. That’s exactly what happened to us when we visited West Midlands Safari Park for the day. It’s been somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a while, so when they got in touch with us on Twitter, I was absolutely delighted and accepted the invitation immediately.
We had a full day planned for our visit, so got everyone out of the house as early as we could to make the most of the day trip. This made Daddy a bit grumpy, but we are kind of used to that and I was pretty confident a visit to the safari park would cheer him up, other wise we were going to be in for a very long day.
Well, it definitely did cheer him up! We both loved watching the girls enjoy our private animal encounter, and were blown away at all the animals they got to meet first hand. These experiences are offered to schools and groups and are excellent for educational purposes. The children literally hung on the keepers every word as he introduced them to a Madagascan hissing beetle, a tenrec, and a very friendly and well trained skunk, to name but a few.
The fact they were able to touch the animals and find out where they came from and the different things they ate really bought them to life for them. Young children enjoy animals and learn so much from experiences like this at safari parks, and seeing the benefits come to life first hand was literally magical.
West Midlands Safari Park has lots for families to explore and is a real fun packed family day out. The penguins greet you as you first walk in, and who doesn’t love penguins, right? The girls loved watching them play and swim in their enclosure and they were able to feed them later on in the day. You also get the chance to really get up close to so many of the animals. If you visit the Twilight Cave, see how many fruit bats you can spot. They can also be seen climbing across the ropes as you walk along the path. It was a lot of fun.
I think my favourite moment was getting to feed the Lorikeets. This is such a great experience, so do get a pot of nectar and pop into their building. The birds literally come and sit on you so they can eat their favourite food. You can’t get much closer to an animal than that can you? They are so pretty and colourful too.
Another big hit with all of us was the Sea Lion Show. Callum the sea lion came out to his excited audience with his keeper to show off his many talents. Sea Lions are very bright creatures, and they are trained to help with their brain development and keep them engaged so that they have a positive experience living in captivity. Callum loves a crowd too, and likes showing off his skills. He was such a character to watch and we also got to see a young girl become apart of the show and meet Callum in person as her birthday treat. What a lovely thing to do if you are a big animal fan.
If we hadn’t had enough fun already, we joined the mini bus tour to explore the rest of the safari park. We really didn’t know what to expect from this, but it literally blew us all away. On a mini bus tour, your tour guide is able to leave the track and take you off road, something you can’t do in your own car.

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