Things To Know Before You Travel To Uganda

Traveling in Uganda is one big off the beaten path adventure. It won’t be anything like your standard trip in Europe or the States and although it simply requires a little more planning, traveling to Uganda is a lifetime experience. While many travelers visit Uganda for the mountain gorilla trekking, the country has so much more to offer. Some people are still in the understanding that Uganda is unsafe, but don't worry. In this Uganda travel blog you can read everything you should know before traveling to Uganda.
No country is perfect and surely not here in Eastern Africa, but its imperfections will make your Uganda trip one to remember. Planning a Uganda holiday doesn’t need to be difficult, especially now that Uganda tourism is growing rapidly and even a DIY trip is possible since the country is actually investing heavily in infrastructure.
Award winning travel photographer Kim Paffen visited Uganda in 2018 and initially wrote this blog for Traveltomtom. In May and August 2021 Traveltomtom himself traveled for 2 weeks in Uganda and updated this Uganda travel tips blog based on his experiences.
There is a risk of Malaria throughout the country and therefore all Uganda travel guides will recommended you to take Malaria medication. in 2018, Traveltomtom writer Kim Paffen traveled on a 3 week itinerary around Uganda, she decided to use malaria medication. Traveltomtom however did not during his 2 weeks in Uganda in May and August. If you go to the Northern areas and for example travel to Murchison Falls, most travelers take malaria pills.
In general the most important is to protect yourself against mosquito bites and it can be as simple as wearing long pants and sleeves just before sunset. If you want a plant based medicinal protection against malaria, have a look into using Artemisia.
Uganda is generally considered to be a safe country with low crime rates. Both Kim and Traveltomtom felt completlely safe all the time! Just avoid travel by road outside major towns at night. It’s also adviced to gather the latest travel information when traveling to the South Sudan border region and Karamoja in the very north. There have some problems reported regarding the so called Kenyan Warriors, but not against tourists.
However, visiting Kidepo Valley National Park, which lies close to the border with South Sudan is totally fine. Simply use common sense at all times, take care of your belongings and be aware of your surroundings and one should be totally fine traveling in Uganda.
Since the global pandemic crime rates have gone up according to locals, but Traveltomtom visited Kampala and there was not a moment he felt uneasy or anything like that. He was told not to take out his iPhone in public too much, as they snatch phones from tourists these days.
But as you know Traveltomtom films everything for his Instagram stories and it was no issue at all. Just be smart about when and where and how! I also took my group trip to visit Kampala and even with 3 ladies it was fine. Just a little intimidating at times.
Well let me first advice you to just not drink the tap water in Uganda! Yes, we also want to reduce single-use plastic, but most of the tap water in Uganda is just not made for drinking. At least not for Western stomachs. You just don't want to ruin you Uganda trip by being brave and trying to drink the tap water. It is not worth it. However, it is totally fine to use it to brush your teeth, wash your face and mouth, etc. Don't panic when you coincidentally swallow a little bit of the tap water in Uganda. You will be fine, no worries. Our advice is to buy bottled drinking water, that way you are also supporting local businesses.

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