Things To Do In Bath With Kids

Bath is a beautiful city in England and there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t enjoy a family visit here with children. These things to do in Bath with kids will inspire you and your little ones to enjoy the very best of what this historic UK city has to offer.
Bath had been on my list of UK cities to visit for many years, and I finally got to visit with my 5 year old daughter for a 2 day city break in the summer. We were on the look out for what to do in Bath as soon as our holiday was booked. We were super excited about our visit, but there’s always a little part of me that’s apprehensive about taking the kids to new places. Knowing where to go and the places to visit in Bath did make me feel a bit more in control though.
Becoming tired during the trip, losing interest and starting to moan are all very real concerns when you are travelling with children, but I found that my daughter really enjoyed the visit to Bath. Because we loved our visit so much I thought I’d share what to do in Bath with children just incase you wanted to use this 2 day itinerary for your next visit with the family.
Our first stop during our weekend in Bath was Bath Abbey. I really wanted to visit here as I find religious buildings fascinating despite not being a particularly religious person. I do, however, appreciate the part religion has played in history and shaping our culture. We both really enjoyed exploring the wonderful architecture, and my daughter was really interested in finding out more about why people visited Bath Abbey.
Planning Your Visit to Bath Abbey
Bath Abbey is just off York St in Bath city centre. It is free to enter, but donations are welcomed. Between March and October Bath Abbey is open from 10am – 5.30pm. Tower tours are available (Adult £8, Child £4) which last an hour and include climbing 212 steps. Once at the top you will enjoy stunning views across the city.
The Roman Baths are probably one of the best things to do in Bath with kids, and it’s a great place to take children to learn more about the history of Bath. There’s an audio guide specifically for children, which to be honest we both enjoyed, and lots of artefacts from when the roman bath spa were used by the Romans.
We were also able to go to the activity room and learn about Eagle Bearers and why they were so important to the Romans when they were going into battle. Indie got the chance to make her own Eagle Bearer before we left, which she really loved. Going on the Bath sightseeing tours was a perfect way to break up our day and take a rest from walking around the city. I think it probably saved my daughter hitting that whining stage when she gets a bit tired so we can definitely recommend it as one of the fun things to do in Bath with kids.
The Bath city tour focuses on Bath city centre and lasts about 45 minutes. Our tour guide shared lots of interesting facts about Bath’s residents including Jayne Austen and Nicholas Cage! We also got to see some places we hadn’t managed to reach on foot, like the famous Promenade. You can hop on and off the bus if there is a particular area of Bath you want to explore, but we equally enjoyed staying with the tour and taking the loop.

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