Sanur Travel Guide

Sanur is known for being one of the most quiet and family friendly parts of Bali, but there are also plenty of good things to do in Sanur. Families will love the laid back atmosphere and chill restaurants at Sanur Beach, and the sunrise views here are some of the best you can find anywhere in Bali. This sleepy seaside town on the east coast of Bali was one of the original birth places of Bali’s tourism, and it’s still popular for its nice hotels, shopping, breakfast, massages, and easy access to the Nusa islands.
Without further ado, here is our Sanur travel guide, with some of our top recommendations of what to do in Sanur! Sanur Beach may not rank up there with Bali’s top beaches, but it does shine (no pun intended) as one of the best sunrise spots on the island. The combination of a cool morning breeze, fishermen wading out on the reef, the Mount Agung volcano in the distance, and the spectacular sunrise display here is just plain magic.
Sunrise on the beach is definitely one of the best things to do in Sanur! Sanur beach has a very long coastline (around 7 km) and there’s a paved foot path all the way, so it’s perfect for a morning walk, jog, or bicycle ride. It’s a nice scenic path lined with fishing boats, hotel gardens, and beach restaurants, and you can occasionally get views of the Mount Agung volcano in the distance.
If you’re looking for what to do in Sanur, the boardwalk is a great place to start! The whole public beach area is free to enter, and sunbeds or bicycles can usually be rented. For yoga lovers, there’s also a free morning yoga class every day at Pantai Karang. It starts at 7:30 AM and everyone is welcome, just join in with a mat or towel.
To be honest, Sanur beach can’t compete with the nicest beaches in Bali, because there’s just too much seaweed along the shore and the sand is not really special. There are a few exceptions, but most parts of the beach are just average. However, Sanur is great for families, and that’s why so many locals like to come to the beach here.
Calm sea waves and shallow water make it an ideal place for kids to swim, and there’s a fantastic breeze in the summer months (May through August). If you’re lucky, you can sometimes join a sea turtle release at Sanur Beach, although it’s not as common as the one at Kuta.
Olive ridley sea turtles still like to lay their eggs at Sanur Beach sometimes, and when the babies hatch you can release them to the ocean for free (or with a small donation). Releases are more common during the mid summer months (June through August), so your best bet is to ask around on the beachfront and hope you’re present when they do the next release.

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